Tilting Flume Apparatus

Tilting Flume Apparatus

Tilting Flume Apparatus

Lab Catalog Supply Code: MEE-HLM-0017

Tilting Flume Apparatus

Tilting Flume Apparatus 
A 76mm wide, 250 mm high open channel.
Clear acrylic sides to give visibility of the working section.
A jacking system permits the slope of the channel bed to be adjusted between -1% and +3%.

Sump tank capacity:-
250 litres (S. S.)

Volumetric tank capacity:- 
40 litres (GRP)

0.55 kW split capacitor start with built in overload protection, Speed 2800 rpm, Class B insulation, Continuous duty.

Shunt orifice type range 0.5 to 2.5 litres/sec

Vernier level:- 
1 x 150 mm resolution 0.1mm

2 x 300 mm resolution 0.1mm.

Overall dimensions:-
5.4 m (L) x 0.62 m (W) x 1.46 m (H)

Tilting Flume Apparatus Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. Tilting Flume Apparatus for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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