SCR Based DC Supply Panel

SCR Based DC Supply Panel

SCR Based DC Supply Panel

Lab Catalog Supply Code: EEC0002

SCR Based DC Supply Panel Manufacturer 2696

Equipped with highly advanced technology, we manufacture SCR Based DC Supply panels using superior quality raw materials. These DC supply panels are in 3 phases completely controlled with the S.C.R based bridge convertor. We offer these DC suppliers in various sizes, panels and capacities as per the requirements of clients. These are p[raised for its durable quality, unique features like safety in terms from any of electrical faults and short-circuits.

Fault Diagnosis And Safety Features

  • Over load trip.
  • Single phase/under voltage trip
  • Immediate over current trip
  • Voltage fold back for current limit
  • Regulation is better than ± 1 %.
  • Regulator card used to monitor voltages and wave forms in various test points.
  • Power card and regulator card consist of perfect control system
  • Regulator card isolated from main power
  • Easy changeability for the supply of voltage
  • Panels with voltage meter and current meter in front
  • For the easy searching of faults the enunciator is in front door with DC voltage settings
  • Resistance of burden available on D.C supply as S.C.R voltage devices
  • Output voltage varies from 0 to 230V
  • C. Voltage build up has a smooth start features.
  • Rating available:200Amp/100Amp/60Amp/30Amp

SCR Based DC Supply Panel Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. SCR Based DC Supply Panel for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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