PCM Switching And Transmission System

PCM Switching And  Transmission System

PCM Switching And Transmission System

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PCM Switching And  Transmission System

Telephone sets: PULSE/TONE dialing
• Operating modes:
- Local: TDM E1-32 frame generation, PCM channels and digital exchange switching
- Local line: TDM E1-32 frame generation, PCM channels,
 on line 4 transmission with HDB3 coding, Loop with Line Simulator and digital exchange switching
- Testing line: like Local line with assessment of service quality
- Remote Loop: like Local line with external Loop
- Remote Master/Slave: a bidirectional link can be established to connect 2 Trainers mod. PCM/EV
• Loop modes:
- Internal: with Line Simulator
- External: with output and input on coaxial line
• 4 User interfaces (SLIC) for the connection of 4 Users for
• POTS or PSTN networks:
- Compatibility: telephone, modem, fax
- Dialing: pulses, multi-frequency tones (DTMF)
• 4 CODECs with functions of:
- Filter
- Signal conversion: analog/digital PCM
- Time-Slot assignment: transmission and reception
- Serial frame generation: 32 channels (2048 kb/s)
• 1 Digital Switch that “routes” the PCM signals for the required links
• 1 CEPT Interface with functions of:
- HDB3 coder-transmitter
- HDB3 receiver-decoder
• 1 Line Interface with functions of:
- Line equalizer
- Reception clock regenerator
• 1 Simulator of artificial line:
- Controls of Attenuation and Noise generator
• 1 Control microprocessor able to interface with a PC
• 1 Synchronization system for displaying
• Time Slots on oscilloscope
• State indication LED:
- Signaling: Clock Loss, BER, Frame Sync, Multi-Frame Sync
- Incoming calls: for Users1, 2, 3 and 4
- Switch Hook detection: for Users 1, 2, 3 and 4
- DTMF binary code and Line signaling: for User1
PCM Switching And Transmission System Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. PCM Switching And Transmission System for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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