Lifting System

Lifting System

Lifting System

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Lifting System

Lifting System Manufacturer fromElectrical Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers

General introduction:

This system permit to wire by the students different types of asynchronous motor starting.
An electric hoist of 125 kg capacity with a containment cabinet integrated to the whole.

Frame :

    Welded stainless steel.
    Protection of the working area by a safety grid.
    Access door to the load equipped with a security end stroke sensor and a lock key.

Teaching objectives

    Mono speed asynchronous motor starting,
    Bi speed asynchronous motor starting,
    Frequency variation of the asynchronous motor,
    Logic control of the brake in lifting mode,
    Safety devices management,
    Installation sizes control,
    Presence or not of voltage (system capable to be used for the electric authorization),
    Installation and verification of the good working after wiring,
    Maintenance and setting of the system (thermal relay, adjustment of the end stroke sensors).

Technical specifications

Lifting Mechanism:

    Electrical bi-speed hoist with chain, 125 kg capacity with brake.
    Bi-speed lifting Motor 200 W – 400 V 3 phase.
    Linear speeds: 2 m/mn and 8 m/mn.
    Working end stroke: high and low.
    Out stroke: high and low (forcing by key button).
    Load constituted of a metallic mass of 15 kg and 11 modular elements of 10 kg.

Control part:

The containment cabinet is an integral part of the system and is able to receive the platen wired by the student . We propose in option different set of equipments:

    1 wired platen including all the components for a direct starting
    1 wired platen including all the components with speed driver.
    The containment cabinet also include a differential circuit breaker, a end stroke security sensor on the door of the cabinet and one logic block security device that allows the electricity supply of the platen.
    A fast fixing device and connectors permit a fast installation of the platens wired by the students.

Lifting System Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. Lifting System for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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