ISDN Trainer

ISDN Trainer

ISDN Trainer

Lab Catalog Supply Code: NEP0027

ISDN Trainer  
1.    Features
•    No physical ISDN line required
•    4 BRI ports with S interface
•    2 channels for each BRI port
•    2 ISDN terminal adapters
•    2 ISDN phones and 2 analog phones
•    Simulates all the functionalities of regular ISDN lines
•    Built in protocol analyzer
•    Analyze layer 2 and 3
•    LEDs to show the status of each ISDN port
•    Display of P, D and B channel
•    Emulates euro-ISDN type of network variants
•    Simple configuration using windows application
•    Multimedia based interactive e-manual

2.    Technical Specification

Switch type supported
•    ETSI euro-ISDN (subset of CTR3), also supports SPID's for N I ½

•    BRI interface
Quantity 4 (1xRJ45 socket per port)

•    B channels
2 per BRI

Display indicators
•    P (physical), D (data link), and B1/B2 (B Ch.) per interface

Protocol analyzer
•    Layer 2,3 can be analyzed N for all networks irrespective of networks simulated

User interface
•    Windows application on computer
ISDN Trainer Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. ISDN Trainer for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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