Electrical Machines Lab

Electrical Machines Lab
NEE -18-06-18-0029

Electrical Machines Lab

NEE -18-06-18-0037

DC multi-circuit Machine compound wound machine with thermal protection

NEE -18-06-18-0040

Universal motor AC/DC  220V/230V, 50Hz with thermal protection

NEE -18-06-18-0044

Single-phase motor with resistor auxiliary winding

NEE -18-06-18-0048

Single-phase AC-motor with starting and operating capacitor

NEE -18-06-18-0056

Three-phase Dahlander motor

NEE -18-06-18-0060

Three-phase asynchronous motor with two separate windings

NEE -18-06-18-0064

Three-phase multi-function machine

NEE -18-06-18-0072

Reluctance motor with thermal protection

NEE -18-06-18-0076

Energy-efficient motor

NEE -18-06-18-0080

Power supply for DC, AC and three-phase

NEE -18-06-18-0088

Exciter Unit: 0-200V

NEE -18-06-18-0092

Universal Rheostat

NEE -18-06-18-0102

Motor protection switch

NEE -18-06-18-0106

Star-Delta switch, Switch positions: O - star - delta (rotary switch)