Electrical Machine System

Electrical Machine System

Electrical Machine System

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Electrical Machine System
Electrical Machine System Manufacturer

    Modular design provides flexible experimental requirement
    Each Module panel height compatible with DIN A4 standard Using 4 mm safety sockets and plugs
    Each DC/AC power supply equipped with overload protection
    Rotary machine and brake with overheating protection
    Adopting digitized and microprocessor-based measuring instrument to provide high-accuracy measurement
    Brake with constant speed / constant torque function, easy to operate
    Drawing complete T/N curve
    Connecting to PC, measuring and drawing characteristic curve available
    300W-grade designed equipment suitable for learning the theory and characteristics of electrical machines
    Stand-alone machine design equipped with two shaft ends and aluminum alloy base for coupling to other machines
    Training panel uses 5 mm isolation bakelite, printed component symbol, value and function, easy to connect
    Fully protected system safe to connect various kind of machines
    Providing powerful computer measuring software for saving graphic.


The electrical machines system leads students to distinguish the mechanical similarities and differences among all electrical machinaries. Students study and turn all kind of electrical machinaries into circuit models for the foundation. Moreover, it enhances students ability for furtherm employing and controlling. Besides facilitating teaching, it makes students be familiar with every kind of electrical mechanical test.

Electrical Machine System Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. Electrical Machine System for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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