AC/DC Load

AC/DC Load

AC/DC Load

Lab Catalog Supply Code: Educational0013

AC/DC Load

AC/DC Load is an important device in all the Electrical laboratories. One can connect a load upto 1.2KW using this product. The device comes with On Board Switches, so that one can vary the load as required, in steps of 100W.

Technical Specifications

  • Mains Supply : AC / DC, 230V ±10%
  • Load Range : 0 – 1.2 kW, in steps of 100W
  • Load Type : Resistive (Lamp Load)
  • Ammeter (MI) : 10A
  • Dimensions (mm) : 450 W ´ 600 D ´ 450 H

AC/DC Load Operation Manual, Lab Instructor Guide and Student Workbook. AC/DC Load for Educational Vocational, Didactic Technical Training Equipment Labs.

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